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According to the UN 80% of e-waste is either landfilled or informally recycled without regulation exposing workers and ecosystems to hazardous substances.

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Understanding Your IT Lifecycle

  • Dive deep into your IT universe to uncover hidden IT opportunities and pain points
  • Discuss your volumes and current program to unlock cost-saving strategies
  • Pinpoint your IT organization’s specific needs and requirements for tailored solutions
  • Review & refresh cycles to understand timelines and volumes
  • Study geographic footprint to determine regions requiring support
  • Investigate ESG strategy and requirements


  • We lock ourselves in a room with lots of snacks to review takeaways from the meeting
  • Craft a bespoke service offering that fits your needs perfectly
  • Align geographic footprint, IT assets and processing requirements with our global platform
  • Develop projections, timelines and costs to ensure we meet your objectives
  • Find solutions for difficult to recycle products and beneficial channels for resale product
  • Brainstorm innovative solutions that will elevate your IT lifecycle management to new heights

Solutions/The Pitch

  • Game time! We bring you the mender solutions
  • Tailored recommendations ensuring adherence to governmental and certification requirements
  • A global platform with regional (and carbon friendly) processing locations
  • Defined recycling solutions and reporting for all of your product streams with insights into
    where the resources end up
  • Strategic sales channels to derive the greatest value out of your assets and components


  • We’ve pitched the macGyverisms, you mostly loved them, we get to work
  • Rollout of a structured, proven onboarding process
  • Dedicated account management
  • Quarterly reviews to go through trends, reporting, and environmental impact
  • We take the proceeds of the business we do together and put a portion back into land and wildlife conservation
Fact 01
in the United States, over 1.5 million acres of land have been disturbed by mining activities
Fact 02
it is estimated that global reserves of several critical minerals, including copper and platinum, will be depleted within the next few decades
Fact 03
in the United States, mining operations are responsible for over 50% of all toxic pollution in waterways

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Global ITAD

Say goodbye to managing multiple vendors and hello to complete global coverage with Mender's audited and contracted partners.


We'll help you plan for the end of your data center's life with top-notch Decommissioning Planning and Valuations.

Data Destruction

Keep your data safe with our onsite and offsite shredding and erasure solutions.


Ready for your IT assets to find new homes across the globe? With a global buyer base, we're always prepared to find the perfect match.

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& ESG Solutions

Protect your brand and do your part for the planet with our recycling and sustainability solutions.

and Repair

Breathe new life into your equipment with our expert diagnostics and testing.

Reverse Logistics
and Redeployment

Take advantage of our global and multi-site collection programs for hassle-free logistics.

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mender has pledged to donate 5% of our profits to support land and wildlife conservation.
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Collaborating with mender has played a pivotal role in enhancing our digital capabilities, driving efficiency, and streamlining operations across our global network.

- Tony, Largest Oil company in the galaxy

“Their cutting-edge solutions and unrivaled expertise make them an invaluable partner for navigating the ever-evolving world of technology."

~ Larry, Largest Hyperscaler on the planet.

“Partnering with the mender has revolutionized our digital infrastructure, allowing us to deliver seamless and secure services to our valued customers."

~ Jennifer, military affiliate