The top ITAD (IT asset disposition) company that's all about turning your old tech into treasure and promoting circularity by extending the life of IT assets through recycling and resale

IT asset disposition company that's all about turning your old tech trash into treasure and promoting circularity by extending the life of IT assets through recycling and resale.

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  • Say goodbye to managing multiple vendors and hello to complete global coverage with Mender’s audited and contracted partners.
  • Our standardized pricing means you won’t be surprised by hidden fees or inflated costs, regardless of location.
  • With Mender, reporting is streamlined and consistent across all locations. No more headaches from trying to decipher different formats and systems.
  • Get the most bang for your buck with our optimized value services.
  • We’re all about sustainability, which is why we make it easy to eliminate waste and reduce carbon impact by processing within the same country or region.
  • Trust is key when it comes to ITAD, and we’ve got it covered. We offer secure, reliable, and compliant solutions all through one vendor.
  • Our decades-old contracted and audited Partner Network means you can count on us to get the job done right, no matter where you are.
  • We'll help you plan for the end of your datacenter's life with top-notch Decommissioning Planning and Valuations.
  • Our onsite inventory method guarantees that everything is always accounted for.
  • Keep your sensitive data secure with our onsite and offsite Data Erasure and HDD/SSD Shredding services.
  • Our White Glove Deracking, Decabling, Depowering, and Packaging ensure everything is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.
  • Our hardware recycling, resale, and refurbishing services enable you to maximize the value of your retired IT assets while minimizing your ecological footprint.
  • Need to redeploy your hardware? Our Hardware Redeployment and Logistics services have got you covered.
  • Finally, we offer Rapid Asset Valuations so you can quickly and accurately assess the value of your old equipment.
  • Keep your data safe with our onsite and offsite shredding and erasure solutions.
  • Want to ensure your data is completely destroyed? Serialization is available for added peace of mind.
  • Don't just take our word for it — we provide data destruction and sanitization certificates to prove your data is gone for good.
  • Trust us to handle your data with care. We're certified to R2v3 and ISO standards with annual audits to maintain our high level of security.
  • We go the extra mile to verify our erasure methods through ongoing 3rd party verifications. Let us handle your data destruction needs with confidence.
  • Ready for your IT assets to find new homes across the globe? With a global buyer base, we're always prepared to find the perfect match.
  • Our standardized pricing means you won’t be surprised by hidden fees or inflated costs, regardless of location.
  • Get your IT assets in front of potential buyers on our e-commerce channels, ensuring that your hardware gets maximum exposure to the right audience.
  • Don't guess what the market needs — let us help you with customized forecasting for high-volume components, so you can make informed decisions about what to do with your assets.
  • We know your time is valuable, so we provide rapid asset valuations to give you a clear picture of your IT assets' worth.
  • We're pros at remarketing all kinds of IT assets, from servers to networking to components like processors, memory, HDDs, SSDs, RAID systems, GPUs, and more. Trust us to find new homes for your gear.
  •  Protect your brand and do your part for the planet with our recycling and sustainability solutions.
  • Join forces with our squad of sustainability specialists and co-create a bespoke blueprint that aligns with your company's distinctive needs and goals.
  • We have a solid reputation for implementing responsible recycling methods that assure you that your e-waste is in good hands.
  • We use cutting-edge plastic recycling technologies to ensure the most efficient and effective recycling process.
  • Our documented and audited downstream recycling chain provides complete transparency and accountability.
  • We provide comprehensive carbon impact and landfill diversion reporting, so you can see the positive effect of your recycling efforts — and make educated decisions.
  • We are certified to R2v3 and ISO Standards with annual audits, so you can rest assured that our processes meet the highest industry standards.
  • Breathe new life into your equipment with our expert diagnostics and testing.
  • We go beyond the surface level and provide board-level repairs and IC removal to get your devices up and running again.
  • Reduce downtime and save money by avoiding costly replacements.
  • Take advantage of our global and multi-site collection programs for hassle-free logistics.
  • Give your IT equipment a new lease on life with our in-house refurb, imaging, and redeployment services.
  • Our simplified and trackable system keeps track of IT returns from remote employees.
  • We provide reverse supply chain planning support and implementation to make the process as easy as possible.

industries served

oil and gas

Global locations; Remote pumping stations, datacenters, home and traditional offices are all cause for customized IT asset disposition requirements. We have years of experience supporting our clients in navigating these obstacles while upholding data security and ESG/sustainability requirements. Our specialization lies in IT remarketing, and we extend our expertise to encompass comprehensive solutions for test/measurement and lab equipment. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of your disposal needs with a commitment to data security and sustainability.


In the Healthcare sector, where Data Security is paramount, our focus aligns with the stringent requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Clients entrust us for our extensive experience in providing robust support for both on and off-site data destruction, coupled with comprehensive reporting to guarantee their regulatory compliance. We support healthcare clients across the globe with regional ITAD solutions and resale markets for both IT and medical equipment.


Original Equipment Manufacturers often have diverse product streams with unique requirements. Whether our client needs support with their Excess and Obsolete, internal and client-facing ITAD or value recovery programs, a consumer returns or trade-in platform, or refurbishment, recycling, and redeployment programs, mender has developed a solution that ensure data security, certified recycling and refurbishment processes and global reach.

insurance & finance

Recent high profile litigation has brought Data Security policy to the forefront of most Insurance and Finance companies priorities. Over many years supporting global and regional banks, insurance and financial firms we’ve developed documented chain of custody and certified data destruction solutions that balance sustainability, cost and value recovery.

cloud infrastructure / datacenter

With rapid advancement of new AI technology, hyperscale growth of cloud infrastructure and the movement toward edge computing, huge volumes of Servers, Storage and Networking appliances are hitting. We discreetly handle hardware decommissioning, relocation, and data wiping/shredding for the secondary market. Our services include remarketing for excess spares, de-cabling, and solutions for battery backup systems, generators, and chillers. With global reach, we offer a comprehensive solution for all datacenter decommissioning needs, maximizing value for our clients.

government & education

Government entities use mender for our extensive client portal capabilities, audited security  and our certified data security processes. We adhere to NIST 800-88 and DOD 5220.22 standards. We test, repair and remarket most IT equipment coming out of schools, universities and government including chromebooks, laptops, infrastructure and mobility.

channel partners

With rapid advancement in AI technology and hyperscale growth of cloud infrastructure the need to discreetly introduce hardware and components into the secondary market to maintain maximum value is more important than ever. Mender provides global white glove decom and relocation services as well as on and off-site data wiping and shredding. We’ve been providing our clients with remarketing channels for excess spares for years. Mender also supports de-cabling and remarketing/resale for battery backup systems, generators and chillers.

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