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mending the relationship between corporations and our natural world

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We're Mender, a company on a mission to solve problems and save the planet (no biggie). As an IT asset disposition (ITAD) company, we're all about turning your old tech trash into treasure and promoting circularity by extending the life of IT assets through recycling and resale.

Mender is here to offer a better way forward for our planet and our clients by providing custom-tailored ITAD solutions. Mender's mission is to offset the demand for mining growth and mend the relationship between corporations and the natural world by promoting a circular economy.

Explore sustainable solutions with our comprehensive expertise in global resale and recycling markets, cutting-edge recycling technologies, and a keen awareness of compliance and governance. Our services are meticulously crafted to align with your distinct requirements and objectives, ensuring a customized plan that perfectly suits your business.

At Mender, we take pride in aiding businesses to minimize their environmental footprint through our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-focused services. Witness the positive impact as we contribute to a greener future, one technological asset at a time.

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At Mender, we’re like IT detectives on a mission to crack the case of your tech’s lifecycle. We audit your supply chain to sniff out waste, boost efficiency, and shrink your carbon footprint.

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Our tech wizards then work their magic to unlock lasting value from your used resources through asset resale and recycling. It’s like we’re giving your old tech a second life (heartwarming cue music).

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So if you want to join us in the fight against tech waste and help save the planet, let’s team up and get mending!

leadership team

Passion for the outdoors and conservation, family focused, spent his career in ITAD and electronics recycling in both sales and operational leadership roles. Uses SAT words and might correct your grammar.

Kent Taggart

Co-Founder & CEO

Lives for the outdoors, never met a stranger, responsible for most of the office pranks, loves to point out (and solve) problems.

Robert Erwin

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Jeff Bell is a veteran in the ITAD/e-waste industry previously serving as VP of Operations and General Manager for two of the largest electronics recyclers in North America. A gifted collaborator driving the best in people and teams. Jeff's weekends usually involve a boat, a beer and his lovely wife.

Jeff Bell

VP of Operations


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